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Golden Halo - Laguna Beach Florist


"Golden Halo" is a captivating floral arrangement designed in a hat box, blending the warmth of sunshine with the elegance of fine floristry. This exquisite bouquet features a radiant mix of whites and vibrant yellows, including Phalaenopsis Orchids, Calla Lilies, and Roses, each bloom carefully selected for its beauty and freshness. The arrangement is accented with verdant foliage and striking golden fans, creating a luxurious display that symbolizes joy and purity.

Perfect for celebrations, gifts, or as a centerpiece in any setting, "Golden Halo" brings a touch of celestial charm to any occasion.

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Future-Day: Requires 48 hours' advance notice
One-Sided (180 Degree)
Size currently unavailable (coming soon)

Standard: Item will be delivered approximately as pictured.

Deluxe: Additional flowers/plants will be added to enhance the item.

Premium: We will select a larger size container, add more blooms and select the highest quality flowers and plants we offer in this style.

Prestige: An opulent masterpiece, the Prestige upgrade is the epitome of luxury. We will handpick the most exquisite flowers and plants, artfully arrange them in an elegant, upgraded container, and add lavish embellishments to create a truly breathtaking display.