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Floral Majesty - Laguna Beach Florist
Standard (Shown - One Sided)Deluxe (All-Around)Premium (All-Around)


Immerse yourself in the opulent embrace of "Floral Majesty", a sophisticated arrangement that speaks the language of luxury and refined taste. Hand-selected, vibrant crimson roses blend harmoniously with deep burgundy blooms, creating a rich tapestry of color that captivates the senses. Presented in a minimalist, white vessel with a sleek silhouette, this arrangement exudes a contemporary chic appeal.

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Available in both One-Sided (180 Degree) and All-Around (360 Degree)
Future-Day: Requires 48 hours' advance notice
Size currently unavailable (coming soon)

Standard: Item will be delivered approximately as pictured.

Deluxe: Additional flowers/plants will be added to enhance the item.

Premium: We will select a larger size container, add more blooms and select the highest quality flowers and plants we offer in this style.