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It all begins with an unforgettable wedding

For over 15 years, Laguna Beach Florist has been the most sought after floral design and event studio in Laguna Bach and Orange County. We provide custom wedding floral and decor production that is unique and tailored to each and every soon to be wives and husbands. 

Flowers and colors are inherently stunning, but how you mix the two together to create jaw-dropping bouquets and arrangements for one of a kind and the-only-day is what makes them memorable for years to come.

At Laguna Beach Florist, we are passionate about the quality and style of flowers used in every wedding. Whether you are planning an upscale intimate beach wedding or a grand affair, our unforgettable floral designs will reflect your persona, and leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. We provide luxury wedding flowers and decorations, as well as free consultation and day of coordination to ease your stress and planning. Our 1st class service is second to none, and we take the extra step to always make sure your wedding flowers and decorations are just what you always dreamed of.

 * Please note: our minimum order for wedding flowers is $1500 and up.

* Important Information on Flower Shortage 2022-2023

The flower shortage of 2022-2023 is an unprecedented event in the floral industry. There’s a lot to know about the shortage and we’re sure that you, like many other couples planning their wedding, have questions. Below is a brief breakdown of the contributing factors on what is causing the flower shortage. 

  • The wedding boom - causing increased demand for flowers
    Since there are so many weddings happening in 2021 and 2022, it creates a huge demand for flowers. Demand for flowers is so high that flower shops aren’t even able to ask for specific flowers or colors from wholesalers and growers. Instead, florists can request merely a general color palette. White flowers are particularly hard to come by.

  • Shipping issues - causing flower shortages
    The trucking issues facing other retail items is a big factor for flowers as well. There is a shortage of truck drivers and competition for these drivers from high margin industries. Flying flowers into the country has also been an issue.

  • Global pandemic impacted flower farms
    One of the contributing factors to the flower shortage is that fewer plantings occurred in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. Flower farms destroyed tons of flowers due to the pandemic, since many of them shut down for quarantine. A lot of other farms laid off workers or shut down completely. Since there were fewer flower farms open and many were operating at a diminished capacity, fewer flowers were planted and harvested for upcoming seasons. That, plus the increased demand, is what’s resulting in this severe shortage.

  • Poor growing conditions globally
    Less than ideal weather has hurt the floral industry. Growing conditions in South America, where most U.S. flowers are sourced from, have been difficult. Colder nights and an influx of rain negatively affected the harvest of healthy flowers. U.S. flower farms also had weather issues that affected supply. For instance, California is responsible for three-quarters of U.S. cut flower sales. This state has struggled with historic droughts, unpredictable rain, and wildfires. This has caused flower farm owners in the area to have to both have diminished crops and have to shift focus in the types of flowers they were growing to accommodate the altered conditions.

    This perfect storm of conditions has led to the historic flower shortage that we’re currently experiencing.

How can we work around the flower shortage when planning your wedding flowers? 

  • We ask to be flexible in your flower and color choices. We understand how important your wedding day is and we do everything we can to provide you with your desired flowers and colors but there is no guarantee. 

  • Book your wedding early. This will help us to ensure we have adequate time to either source your favorite weddings flowers or to work with you on changing things out as needed.

  • Allow substitutions. Sometimes, the particular flowers you like to have in your bouquet and in your wedding simply won’t be readily available thanks to this shortage. When that occurs, we need to be creative in making substitutions and adjustments without losing the entirety of your vision. 

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Whether you live locally or have selected Laguna Beach as your wedding destination, we can help! The best and fastest way to inquire about availability and pricing is in writing via this page. Please fill out the following form as detailed as possible so we can learn about your wedding, floral needs and get back to you with additional details.  

* Please note, due to high number of inquires we receive on weekly basis, we get booked several months in advance. We highly recommend to contact us at your earliest time to check on the availability and consult your wedding flowers.