The Best and Easiest Way to Send Flowers to Laguna Beach or Else Where in 2019

Here's a question that we often get from our clients: "What's the best way to send flowers to Laguna Beach or any other city? Is it wise to use order gatherer floral wire services such as FTD, Teleflora, 1-800 Flowers, B-brooks, Bloomnation, Pro Flowers?" ... The answer is simply NO! 

The best and easiest way to send flowers to Laguna Beach or any city is by finding a "local" florist in that area. Order gatherer floral services are not actual florists and act as the middle man between you and a selected group of flower shops that are affiliated with them. And guess what that middle man always gets? You guessed it! 25-30% commission, in other words, these companies have their own fees and surcharges that you, the customer, pays for when placing your order via their website or by phone, but those fees are never paid to the delivering florist. This is among one of the reasons why floral arrangements sent by these companies are typically smaller than what's shown on their website and with low quality of flowers, vase and overall design. 

What's the solution then? You may ask! The solution is simple! First, stay away from these companies. Second, find your own florist using Google or Yelp. Simply search for a local florist in the city or zip code where the recipient lives and then place your order with a local florist online or by calling them. By doing this, not only you'll be working directly with a local florist that is familiar with the local design and also their availability of fresh flowers, plants and their inventory, but you will also avoid paying additional fees. Additionally, you'll be supporting a local small business which is always a great thing to do! 

So next time you are in need of sending flowers, plants or gifts of any kind to Laguna Beach or any other city, make Yelp and Google your best friend and find a a local florist.